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Before Your Appointment :

  • Please make sure treatment area is clean and dry prior to treatment

    • (remove any makeup/moisturizers/perfumes before treatment)

  • Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing that can easily be moved for treatment and won't irritate area after your session

  • Please clip down or shave hair on tattoo and surrounding area (if using a razor, shave at least 24 hours prior to treatment to avoid skin irritation)

  • Try to avoid the use of NSAIDS (i.e., ibuprofen, aspirin, excedrin, bayer, aleve) the day before/day of appointment as this could exacerbate bruising/bleeding during treatment, tylenol is appropriate to take for pain relief

  • If using topical lidocaine, please advise treatment nurse 

  • Avoid direct sun light to area being treated 2 weeks before AND after treatment (if your tattoo is tan or sunburned the day of your appointment you will not be treated, this is to protect you from potential scarring)

  • Do not place sunless tanner/spray tan to treatment area 7-10 days prior to treatment

  • No glycolics/salicylic acid/AHA/retinols to treatment area 1 week before/after treatment (chemicals often found in anti-aging products)

  • NO chemical peels, microdermabrasions or botox/fillers near treatment area 4 weeks before treatment

  • We cannot treat you if you are taking antibiotics.  Please make sure you prescription is completed at least 3-7 days before your appointment 

  • Please do not come if you are sick or fighting an active infection (coming when your body is fighting illness can decrease the effectiveness of your treatment-remember, it's your immune system that fades your tattoo, not the laser)

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