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We're Closed

While we have closed our doors as Unchained From The Cave, we are pleased to inform you that New Skin Tattoo Removal will be taking over our office in Concord. Rest assured that the progress on your tattoo removal is not lost - you will be in great hands!

To book with a New Skin office near you, text one of the following locations:  

Concord: (925) 529-2501

San Jose: (408) 899-9695

Sacramento: (916) 234-6916


Visit to learn more. 



"To some, tattoos may be only physical, but for others they have a deeper meaning and their presence has branded us with pasts we have outgrown and are ready to move on from.  Let us help you let go. We look forward to serving you!"

-Rosalyn L. Harvey, Founder

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