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How does tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal works by using a specialized laser which sends light energy into the dermal layer of the skin where the tattoo ink resides.   Ink pigment attracts and absorbs this light energy which shatters the ink into smaller particles. 

 These particles are then seen as foreign waste, absorbed by large white blood cells called macrophages, then taken by the body's lymphatic channels where they are excreted by sweat, urine or fecal matter. 


One of the biggest misconceptions of tattoo removal is that the laser removes the tattoo.  In actuality, it is your immune system that works to remove tattoos.  


This is why, for optimal tattoo removal outcome, you should not get treated if you are ill or fighting an infection.  Drinking plenty of water, engaging in regular exercise and eating healthy also boosts your immune system and body functions aiding in the removal of tattoos.    

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