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The Allegory

of the


"Break free and struggle toward the light"

A message from our CEO:


All things living create their beliefs and how they perceive the world based on their personal experience.  


In the allegory of the cave, Plato likens this to prisoners who are born in a cave chained by their hands, feet and neck so that they are unable to turn their heads.  They have no knowledge of the outside world and create a flawed illusion of what they perceived to be reality.


And while this is not a likely situation, think about how our experiences create flawed perceptions.  For example:


  • A dog that was abused by it's owner and is now afraid of all people


  • Someone who almost drowned and is now scared to swim


  • Socioeconomically disadvantaged students who have limited resources at school and believe they aren’t “smart” or able to achieve academic success


A lot of illusions, or beliefs, can be carried over an entire lifetime.  But depending on the experience of which these beliefs stem, we can not only inhibit personal growth, but the ability for us to achieve our maximum potential as people.  


Maybe your cave was an abusive home or being raised around violence, drugs or gangs.  Maybe your cave wasn’t so bad.


Whatever your experience has been, Unchained from the Cave’s purpose is in our name: to unchain you from the barriers that are holding you back from becoming your best self.  

We are people.  We are constantly growing, changing and evolving.  And we are ALL deserving to have the opportunity to advance ourselves and our capabilities.  Unchained from the Cave Tattoo Removal exists for this purpose.


To some tattoos may be only physical, but for others they have a deeper meaning and their presence have branded us with pasts we have outgrown and are ready to move on from.  Let us help you let go.  


We look forward to serving you!


Kindest Regards,

Rosalyn L. Harvey RN, BSN, PHN

Founder & CEO, Unchained from the Cave, Inc.

“Break free and struggle toward the light”

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