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Affordability & Flexibility

$65/three minute session

$15/each additional minute

*unused time does not roll over and cannot be saved for future treatments.  If additional minutes are purchased and not used, we will gladly reimburse payment for unused additional time.


Why charge by time instead of tattoo???


Typical tattoo removal treatments are usually charged per tattoo/per treatment starting at HUNDREDS of dollars each, even for small tattoos.

  What makes Unchained from the Cave unique is that rather than pay per tattoo, you pay for an allotted time frame.  This means that you are allowed the flexibility to remove a single, large or multiple tattoos within the time frame you have paid for costing a fraction of the price of typical tattoo removal treatments with no commitment.  

We are committed to people and uplifting our community, therefore we promise to keep our prices low so everyone has access to tattoo removal!

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