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Please read this page before making an appointment

Who can receive tattoo removal?

  • Anybody in good health who has no significant medical history

    • (minors need to be accompanied by parent/legal guardian)

Who can't receive tattoo removal?

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Clients who had a previous allergic reaction to tattoo ink (particularly red ink)

  • Clients who are receiving radiation and/or chemotherapy

  • Clients currently taking antibiotics or fighting an acute infection (if on long term antibiotics, please provide doctor's note)

  • Clients who have taken Accutane within the past 6 months

If you have the following conditions, you will need a note from your doctor before starting treatment:

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes 

  • Immuno-compromised 

  • Kidney disease

  • Keloid scarring (note from dermatologist)

  • Bleeding/clotting disorders

  • Peripheral vascular disorders

  • History of lymph node removal (particularly if tattoo is being removed on affected limb)

  • Clients taking medications that cause significant photo-sensitivity (if unsure, please consult MD)

How old does a tattoo need to be to be treated?

  • Your tattoo needs to be AT LEAST 3 months old to begin the removal process, but 6-12 months old is ideal

Is tattoo removal painful?

  • Yes!  Tattoo removal is painful, most often considered more painful than getting a tattoo.  However, there are a couple of options you have to help ease pain during treatment.  Applying a topical numbing cream liberally to the tattoo and covering it with plastic wrap 30-60 minutes prior to treatment can help wase pain.  We recommend Dr. Numb which can be purchased on  You can also pre-ice the area 15 minutes prior to treatment. 

How many treatments does it take to remove a tattoo?

  • All tattoos are different, however on average it takes about 10-12 sessions for complete fading/removal of an all black tattoo (if you are seeking fading for a cover up, we say it takes about half as many sessions).  We spread your sessions out to every two months to allow time for proper skin healing and give your body enough time to absorb and rid itself of the ink.  This means on average, it takes a couple of years to complete your tattoo removal journey.  For more detailed explanations on how tattoo removal works/how long sessions are and how tattoo characteristics affect how many treatments are required, please click here.  



Please present your doctor's note, if necessary, at the time of your appointment.  Your information will remain confidential and only used for the purpose of your treatment.  

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