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How many sessions will I need to remove my tattoo?

This is the #1 question asked in tattoo removal!  There are several variables that affect how many treatments are required for complete removal and all tattoos are different.  Tattoos that tend to be treated the quickest are older, lighter, all black tattoos.

Complete removal of a tattoo typically averages around 10-12 treatments.


Some variables that can make removal more difficult include:

  • Scar tissue in the area of the tattoo

  • Layered tattoos (i.e., cover ups)

  • Multi-colored tattoos 

  • Individuals who are darker complected as treatments need to be conservative to avoid scarring

  • Tattoos located on hands and feet (due to decreased circulation and vascular perfusion)

  • "Heavy handed" tattoo artists causing deep, dark tattoos (which often result in scar tissue at site of tattoo)

  • SMOKING CIGARETTES (nicotine not only impairs immune system function, but causes vessels to constrict and decreases circulation)


No matter what kind of tattoo you have, Unchained from the Cave promises to tailor treatments to meet your specific needs as to remove your tattoo(s) as quickly and as safely as possible.

Removal time also depends on you!  Proper aftercare and having optimal health (not smoking, drinking plenty of fluids, proper diet and exercise) plays a huge role in tattoo removal.  

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